I’m in JAPAN!  For a quick 2 hour layover, but I just boarded the plane to Vietnam!  The plane reminds me of Virgin America.

This trip still feels surreal even though I am more than halfway to my destination.

Layover in Japan. Narita Airport.
Layover in Japan. Narita Airport.

Japan & Japan Airlines.  I’ve never had quite an experience like this before, but I want to mention some things that I’ve noticed.

  1. The tunnel between the plane and the gate is really nice. It’s carpeted and has nice overhead lights, not the florescent ones.
  2. People are NOT rushing.  I sense a certain calmness throughout the airport (or the path that I’ve walked).  People take their time to get to places.  If people move quick paced, but there’s not a sense of urgency.
  3. The ladies that work here have the best manners I have ever seen.  They are patient and helpful.  They are kind and polite.  They are super thorough and meticulous.  They speak very gently and calmly.  I feel very comforted by them.
    I forgot my phone on the previous plane–of course, I would–and one of the ladies easily went to get it for me.
  4. This is a very empty flight to Hanoi.  So, the rows are 2-3-2.  Two seats at the window and three seats in the middle aisle.  So, you only have to go through one other person if you need to go to the bathroom.  I like it!
    And the plane is very long.  There are 66 rows and they board people from the back to the front.  I feel like that system is a much more efficient.
    AND, there’s more leg room than the typical plane!! That’s the best!!
    All-in-all, Japan Airlines does it the best.
  5. The airport separates their trash, so it’s eco-friendly.
  6. It’s HOT.  I think it was 85ºF when I landed, so when I stepped off the airplane, it was hot.  It seems that they don’t waste energy putting the AC on full blast.  It is still a comfortable temperature inside the airport.
  7. Japan, from what I can see from the windows, is green.
  8. Knowing how to reading military time is useful here.  Good thing that is my preferred method of reading time.
  9. The gift shops sell at A LOT of exotic flavored Kit-Kats.  Guess what I’m going to be bringing home? In flavors of Green Tea and Strawberry!
  10. I’ve been sitting down for WAAAAYYYY too long.  Good thing that no one is sitting next to me on this flight, so I can lay down.
  11. It’s interesting to think that it’s 6pm here, but 2am in Los Angeles.  Still feels sooo surreal!  I’m in Japan and the plane is taking off now.

Overall, for my two hours in Japan, I am enjoying it.

I’m going to be Hanoi in less than 6 hours!

Over and out.


PS.  We are all under the same sun and moon, even thousands of miles apart.

PPS.  I like the uniforms that the ladies wear.  They’re so cute!!

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