A Song of Struggle

If you read my post about The Academic March, I hope you were able to notice some of the photos I posted (I know it might be hard to see).

There’s one that I want to highlight, it’s this one:


One of the protestors were holding it up throughout the protest, and it’s a song in a few bantu languages.  I asked a friend to translate it, and this is what it roughly means.

Us, the black nation
We are crying for our land, Africa
That was taken by the colonists

How are you expecting us to forget
Yet the colonists killed our people
The colonists are scared of us now

Who’s this person?
They’ve heard of us, we’re coming now

This song and the message embedded with it goes along with the “decolonize education” campaign of the recent movements.  How could the majority of the population simply forget the discrimination and oppression their people have endured?  In my opinion, it’s a cry for action and an announcement that they can no longer remain quiet.

What do you think?

Over and out.


PS. I’m sorry that the picture is less than ideal.  I was standing right next to the person, so it was hard to get a good angle on the picture.

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