My name is Catherine Pham.

I am currently a senior at UC Berkeley.  I am studying Economics, with a minor in Global Poverty & Practice. I am a UC Berkeley alumna, graduated in May 2016.  I earned a BA in Economics, with a minor in Global Poverty & Practice (GPP). I am forever a Golden Bear.

I am a Vietnamese-American, raised by immigrant parents. I grew up in Northeast Los Angeles.

I am interested in creating a positive impact in the world and uplifting underserved communities.  I am a global citizen, and I believe we all can play a part in taking care of the Earth and everything on it.

I am always balancing between creativity and practicality. Tradition and modernity. Convention and originality.

I am always trying to push myself to think outside of my training, to think critically, and to understand people from their perspectives.

I am a learner, constantly curious about how the world works and how it came to be. I like to read and write, as well as engage in conversations with people.

I am a storyteller. My experiences shape worldview.

I have a lot of thoughts.




Contact me: thecatherinepham@gmail.com

Previous “About Me” page: College Me

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