About this Blog

This blog originally stemmed from me wanted to document my practice experience.  I am a Global Poverty and Practice (GPP) minor, and part of the requirements to complete the minor is to complete a “practice experience” (PE).  Since I was going to Vietnam to complete my PE, my blog was to be centered around the things I did and learned in Vietnam.  The title, which I don’t want to change (because I can’t think of a good title to replace it), was a measure of the phsyical distance of how far I would be traveling from Berkeley to Hanoi: approximately 7000 miles and across the Pacific Ocean.

I quickly disliked that I used “miles” instead of “kilometers” because nearly everyone else in the world uses kilometers, but hey, I’m American!

My blog used to look something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.43.35 PM

I thought it looked really pretty, but I quickly had to change the theme of the blog because it had limited features.

When I returned from Vietnam, I realized that I could no longer be writing about “the tales of my experiences in Vietnam” but I wanted to continue the blog.  I wanted to make sure that I committed fully to this blog (because honestly, I had trouble keeping them in the past).

So, I started writing about my GPP class and my reflections on Vietnam.  It was still very Vietnam centered because of the class and later, because I was trying to study abroad in Vietnam.

See, my experiences in Vietnam had made me really consider that I could potentially have a future in Vietnam, so this blog has always been about Vietnam.

Until now.

Because I was unsuccessfully able to return to Vietnam for study abroad, I ended up in Cape Town, South Africa instead.  And so the title of this blog surely doesn’t make any literal sense anymore.

However, in the spirit of wanting to stay committed to this blog, the title is going to be a symbolic one.  Symbolic of my travels (hopefully many more travels are to come) but more importantly my growth as a person.

I am discovering who I am one day at a time.

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